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The Experience 2017 pt4

I flowed and flowed and flowed oh and did I say it flowed? Got to the first water station, feeling fresh and stopped to have a quick chat with the nice ladies and gaze over the scenery. Clicked back in and pedaled up the school with cheers from the locals and chocolate asking, I just wonder where they got that idea of asking for chocolates from.

I climbed and slowly drifted to my granny gear while riding on the edge of the mountain with my heart in my pocket, having been disrupted from the trails to the amazing views of the Drakensberg outback. At one moment I almost fell off, something slipped and I heard a rock fall, but kept it together and continued riding until I was completely solo on the road, climbing way up to the second water point, legs still rock solid, no hints of cramping and fatigue. I grabbed a few sweets, two Farbars and a slukkie coke to feel awesome; stocked up with cold water and descended gently not to bail on the same spot I bailed the year before. Beautifully flowing and yet again my breath was taken by the greens and the winding trails ahead of me and then all of a sudden Nature decided to get nasty and begin a headwind! Being as big as I am, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me, well the final 10 kilos to the finish line. I caught up with a toppie on a red Spez bike pushing up the nasty snakey climb before the farm place with the headwind hammering me back to my granny gear and decided … “no shame in pushing” I unclipped to save energy and pushed along with the toppie and had a quick chat and realized I was riding with the A Batch because he noted to me that he was part of the few that started first. I then had a moment with my legs and heart to deliver me to the finish line as I was talking to this toppie. After climbing that, we immediately mounted on our bikes and continued riding up until we could see AllOutAdventures within our views and it had just hit me …. I had nearly completed my first day of my RideTheBerg with some few fuel left in the tank….

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