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The Experience 2017 pt2

The Saturday alarm went off, still yawning and wishing not to get up. I stood up, knowing I had a mission to complete. I went on and played Eye Of The Tiger to get the blood running and get Flashy warmed up and so the shower was awesome and headed again to the kitchen area where I was again met with a bouquet of bikers with arm and leg warmers. They were indeed freezing and I wasn’t, still had no idea why I wasn’t cold. Went in the kitchen, grabbed a bowl of oats and a cup of coffee (since I heard oats and coffee are a good pre race food choice). 

Packed the mighty Flashy on the rack post breakfast and kitchen banter and fueled my lungs with rave music to get the blood running. Like in 2016 when I got to AllOutAdventures, I was met with the sounds of laughs, clicking derreileurs and free bodies whining as riders warmed up. I was a bit late so I couldn’t show my Flashy around that I too was part of the pack with a unique bike. I quickly ran to the race registration to pick up my number board and awesome long sleeved shirt! The kind lady who was just smiling after she saw me (maybe I blew her away, who knows?). Took my board, which I completely forgotten the number of, I think it was 239 or something like that… I had to run back to the car and get my race fuel ready and mount my board and pedal to the start chute. 

On the way to the start chute, Chris mumbled, barely understood half of the stuff he said, but it was funny in a strange way, bumped into the orange reflector jacket hero, the mighty, mighty Johan Vorster, ever smiling like always who gladly commented on the new wheels and the choice of a hardtail as opposed to a soft tail and I explained politely that I haven’t found a rear shock that fits my riding ability. As we were having a quick banter at the back of the pack a lady came a snapped a pic of us and was glad to have us back for another year. As always, I forged a smile through my nervous teeth and made it. We shaked hands myself and Johan and told him I will Batch myself with the C group as they’re the more social guys and all I had to do was just to keep up with them to make it on the day. 

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