The Experience 2017 pt1 | Ridetheberg

The Experience 2017 pt1

(Day 1)

I had set out a challenge to myself, to one day complete Ridetheberg , and there it was a year later and the weekend gazed into my eyes. Thoughts came into my mind whether I had prepared enough for this event. Were the intervals that were suggested to me enough? Was the rough climbing of Gustav Klingbeil tough enough to chisel me for the Drakensberg trails? Only the weekend that lay ahead could tell …  (Photo Malose Sebata)

The Friday morning before, the alarm rang to notify me of the long drive ahead of me. I thought, maybe I should go out for a little chilled ride before I prep my bike for the long haul. I had gotten a newer bike, a better bike, my new wife, divorced the former 26inch in exchange for a 29er with a large frame! A Cannondale Flash29 with some upgrades here and there with a power meter mounted to measure efforts. Boy was the Flashy ready, if only it had a mouth to speak I’m sure it was up for the challenge. Came back from a morning spin and took her in for a wash and a chain lube and to banter with the bike shop lad of what laid ahead. Flashy was ready, gear was ready and the cup of coffee was ready and a Paddle Pop to keep the smiles running. Started the car and off I was with anticipation all over. 

I had again booked in at Mont Aux Sources for the second time but with a bigger room to accommodate Flashy as I didn’t want her to camp outside with the cold weather. As I was busy checking in I bumped into Johan , Johan Vorster! The gentle sweeper was yet again back for another installment of what he said was a beautiful ride (in his words). He gladly introduced me to some few lads he was with and made a note at how I dramatically lost weight and how tuned up I was. I was happy and confident that someone had confidence in me. I slowly walked to the kitchen area to grab a bite and a drink and boy was it full with lots of biking enthusiasts, I felt at home, for a change, I felt at home! I had banter with a father and daughter team who the daughter couldn’t just get over how the Ironman was the weekend former to this. Very polite duo and looking very strong! I threw my cutlery onto the plate, wiped my mouth with the napkin at hand and stood up to have a quick chat with Flashy in the room. Flashy listened to all my requests to deliver me back home on both days! 

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