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Serious riding without being a serious rider

I love mountain biking with a passion, everything about it from the fast flowing downhills to the slow grind up some switchbacks. It really is a happy place, with the exception of riding through the veld when my Dad told me it was glassy smooth but he actually just wanted to recce the new Ride the Berg route. (Which can’t only be on the 150km of trails that are already made but has to have some new exciting bits that are only accessible once a year!) Of course it is all worth it in the end, being a regular Drakensberg Trails rider, it was refreshing to ride the brand new beautifully groomed trail that was created in record time by employing a group of enthusiastic trail builders from the community.

Race day came quicker than I had expected and there I was telling myself that I’m not going to race it, “just do it at your own pace and enjoy it” is what I kept telling myself. Well my competitive nature was too strong and it overcame my sad attempt to pace myself. The next thing I knew I was hauling up the first hill like I was making a move on the Tour de France and it was only 10km in. This moment of glory was short lived as my breath was taken both by the serious lack of training and the insane view of the Amphitheatre. When the last hot shot had left me behind and when I managed to get my dangerously high heart rate down, it was true bliss – there was not much more that I could have asked for. It’s not often that you get a stage race that is 95% single track and on top of that it is quality – whether you are racing it like I was at the beginning or taking it easy and enjoying the view – the trails are perfect.

All riders can really enjoy these achievable trails without getting bored or broken. I highly recommend coming to this special part of the Berg and experiencing the great trails, great vibe and great people.

Torin Mecklenborg

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  1. We love that part of the Berg. And, yes, the trails are fantastic. I have not done as many as I’d like, but next year we’ll venture further and higher! Nice story and thanks for the reminder to pace ourselves!

    1. Yes please! Winter in the berg is marvelous for being out on the trails! We will look forward to seeing you.

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