Day One is an inspiring mix of fast flat single-track and moderate climbs. The trail starts with a steady jeep track warm up to get the blood flowing and the eyes conditioned, meandering along the famous Tugela River for about 20km. The next 20km involves some steady ascent, but expect to be as distracted by the breathtaking views as by the breathtaking climbs. This section boasts almost continuous views of the majestic Amphitheatre, enjoyed from every angle. The day finishes off with 20km of gloriously groomed fast single-track, incorporating the awesome Montusi Gorge Trail.

Riding the ledge
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Day Two is a perfect balance of smooth and quick single track flowing up and down over some short steep climbs and exhilarating descents. The first 20km takes the rideable but exposed edges of the gorgeous Montusi Gorge with increasingly dramatic views around every corner. The second 20km finishes off with a heart-pumping climb up and out of the Cavern Valley on some upgraded hiking trails to the legendary Grotto Trail. Enjoy towering sandstone bluffs and mature indigenous protea forests as well as the high-speed riding created by the combination that generations of cattle trails and expert trail maintenance has on exposed natural clay formations.

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