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I’m just an ordinary guy – S’bu Hlongwane

I’m just an ordinary guy at a completely unique fully marked 150 km of trails in the Northern Drakensberg. I started riding in 2013 –  Chris introduced me to Mountain Biking which I had never done before. I still remember Chris’s question “Would you like to ride fast?” Yeah sure!  

I went for it, with him- it was completely awesome and mind blowing –  the well handmade single track which flows endlessly made me swing my legs nonstop behind Chris. For a moment I forgot about myself and my worries, it was the bike and me at the easy Gypsies Bend –  which is sustainable for beginners as it has nice long curving switch backs along the river meander. Soon enough I was able to do the 20km intermediate Montusi Gorge. We flew off the escarpment downhill, up the Gorge view point where I couldn’t resist to take a break and have a view of the beautiful surroundings. There are even more scenic trails like the top of Grotto where I got to see the Amphitheater (Tugela Falls). Then it flows down the Mount Aux descent to the Tugela River, through the “half pipe” – Mind blowing!!

Well I fell in love with mountain biking so much that I could ride every day. Then I got into building trails, ramps, bridges. It got even more exciting having the privilege to build and get to ride the trails that I’ve handmade. It’s been a great experience in both working and also as a rider, I’ve grown my skills so much as a rider as I could now ride with some of the best riders who visit the Drakensberg. I’ve met the finest riders from all over the country, who come here to ride at our events like the – Royal Drakensberg MTB challenge and Ridetheberg which are all held at All out Adventures.

S’bu Hlongwane

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