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Doping policy

Ridetheberg is a strong proponent of clean and drug-free sport.

As such, in line with the major MTB races in South Africa, we have adopted the policy that any rider, who is properly charged and convicted by the relevant cycling authorities of cheating by way of doping from 1 January 2016 going forward, will not be permitted to participate in any Ridetheberg events.

In addition, while all sport is by definition competitive, we are taking steps to completely dis-incentivize any form of cheating at Ridetheberg by doing away with participant prize money and re-allocating same to the local communities that are intended to be the primary beneficiaries of the event.

Ridetheberg also takes the position that we live and ride in a country that is governed by democratic principles and rule of law, and as such we are also strong proponents of equality and fairness, and we condemn any and all efforts to introduce an environment of arbitrary, inconsistent and extra-legal enforcement and justice in our sport. We believe that we all strive towards common goals, and welcome concerned riders to engage with the Race Organisers and/or the regulatory authorities further on the subject.

Ridetheberg is about Mountain Biking for the joy of riding and the love of the trails.

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