If there was a thesaurus published by mountain bikers – and you looked up “Mountain Biking” – the entry would read “Ridetheberg”

100kms of mostly single track – in the Drakensberg. There’s really no need to say much more….

Except that it is taking place on 11 & 12 May 2019, at All Out Adventures in the Northern Berg, and that the vibe is amazing. Most chilled participants, friendliest staff, and so much fun stuff for the supporters to do, that you WILL NOT want to leave.

So don’t delay –

If our reasoning isn’t immediately obvious -read on

Drakensberg – this is a great destination for an event because it is in the middle of everywhere – (except if you live in Cape Town – sorry :() You can drive here easily from Gauteng, Durban, the Free State and Mpumalanga. Its also so BEAUTIFUL!. Both days offer the most spectacular views.

Mostly Single Track – this is marvellous because the fun starts straight away – so even if you aren’t that fit, you are distracted from your aching legs and burning lungs by the sheer adrenalin of the track. There’s no slogging on district roads for miles, getting smoked by the roadies, who then hit the brakes on the tricky descents (No offence roadies – we are actually just in awe of your superior fitness and high pain threshold)

Supporter friendly venue – How often do you go to a stage race and your better half and kids are relegated to vagrant status cause they don’t have the arm band for the meal tent, or the chill zone, and the physio tent is over run by growly racing snakes rolling their sinewed muscles? Even the bean bags are fiercely guarded by exhausted mid fielders who forgot they have a day job and went out too hard… All Out Adventures is great – because we LOVE spectators – everyone can get food, the kids can be entertained for hours on the adventure rides, and if the non-rider who has a crick in their neck from loading the bike rack one too many times wants a session at the physio, they can book in! No longer will you find your supporters languishing on the finish line in the boiling hot sun, looking longingly at the chocolate milk, and hating you because you’re the only one in the family who has had any fun this weekend.

The other thing that makes this even SUPER supporter friendly, is that you don’t sleep at the race village. You take your pick of one of the many and varied nearby accommodation venues that cater for all tastes and budgets. This stage race weekend suddenly turns into a holiday.

If you do this race, you will likely win approval for many future sports passes, so there really isn’t any reason not to come!


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  1. Hi there,

    I wanted to know if it’s okay if we (MtbApp) publish your race on both our website and App?

    And please give your details so people who want to know more about the race can contact you guys.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Collen, I did reply directly to you. If you want to drop me a line, just email me on wking AT talarran.co.za. Thanks,

    1. 🙂 Entries will open via this website from 1 November! (and there will be an Early Bird Entry Special – watch the site for details). We have listed accommodation options on the site under Accommodation with details, links, and the distance to the Race Village at All Out Adventures. Accommodation is separate to the Race Entry and is each entrant’s own responsibility. FYI both days will Start and Finish at the Race Village. Hope this helps. Warren

    1. Howzit Zane, check out the entry fees page on the website 🙂 In a nutshell, Standard Entry Fee – R1800; Early Bird Entry Fee (for entries up to end Feb 2016) R1620.

  2. More information please – how much single track, how much climbing, accommodation, start and finish, cost.
    With thanks.

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Thanks for the enquiry. In a nutshell, Standard Entry Fee – R1800; Early Bird Entry Fee (for entries up to end Feb 2016) R1620. We’ve listed many of the accommodation options available in the area on the site under a separate Accommodation Page, with some details, links and distances from the Race Village. The Race Village and Starts & Finishes will be centered around All out Adventures Adventure Centre. We’re still waiting for final profiles which will include all the climbing stats, but count on about 85%-90% single-track. Hope this helps.

      1. Many thanks Warren.

        Looks like an interesting ride and could be a welcome break from riding in the Western Cape.

        Will keep in touch.



  3. hey Fiona,
    Cool 🙂 If I’d known you were from the W Cape I’d have gushed even more! We love getting you guys to come and experience the awesome Berg – not enough of you do. Very cool to see some Capetonians coming up for our sister trail run event this year (Runtheberg) and LOVING it! Let me know if there’s anything we can do 😀

  4. Hey Theo,
    Thanks for the inquiry. In addition to the 100km of groomed MTB trails (90% single-track) and a fully supported race with well-stocked Hydration & Nutrition stations strategically placed along the routes, the entry fee also includes full emergency and medical services, as well as a comprehensively equipped Race Village – each rider will be entitled to a free gourmet boerewors roll after each day’s riding courtesy of local legend The Phatt Chef. All entrants also receive a free specialist Race Beanie to help with the cold winter air, and all finishers will receive medals.
    Don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any more questions!

  5. Hey Paul, thanks:-) It should be a great event. We expect to quickly establish Ridetheberg as an integral calendar feature race. To answer your question, yes there will be prizes and prize money. We are busy finalising and hope to be able to announce it shortly so watch the space!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t receive a notification that you had replied.

      I agree, great part of the country to ride in, bit chilly that time of the year but that adds character.

  6. Hahahaha yep it could be a bit chilly, but it gives people a rare chance to properly use all their cool winter kit 🙂 Plus on the other hand, the trails are dry, packed hard and clear, so riders can really ride!

  7. Hi,

    Does the race track actually go through and into the Drakensberg World Heritage Site? Ie, into and ride through KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife property?

    Secondly, do you have an erosion prevention plan in place? It seems the track goes through some amazing, unspoilt areas, are you going to keep them that way after the race?

  8. Hey Murray thanks for the interesting questions. First, the trails are all on private land in the Little ‘Berg area. It’s a stone’s throw away from the WHS, and many people will actually be staying at the RNNP for the event, but the trails are negotiated and agreed with private landowners in the area. Second, regarding erosion plans and general conservation, the Race Course Director lives in the area, runs a permanent business in the area which has a large focus on sustainable tourism activities and natural resource protection, and is also part of the families of some of the private landowners mentioned above with a vested interest in protecting the long-term natural integrity of the area. He is also an expert at building and maintaining trails to ensure that people can come from around the country and enjoy the natural splendor of this national treasure while at the same time preserving the pristine environment. So to answer your question in a nutshell, yes. Before, during and after.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Hi Warren

    I have been trying to make contact with the organisers (sorry if its not you) for the last few days and I haven’t had any luck. Are you able to give me a number of some sort to phone them.

    Kind regards

  10. Hi there. This looks like a fun event.Will you guys have branded cycling shirts /t shirts that we can purchase at the event. I like to collect shirts from the different stage races.
    Kind regards

  11. hey Adrian absolutely! There are some very cool race-branded kit options from partner Anatomic available for online purchase through the Entry process. Right now we’re kind of offline doing some trail work but you should be able to find it. Give us a shout if you have any difficulties.

  12. Hi Warren.
    I have just entered my wife and I into the race. Really looking forward to it! Will it be possible to buy merchandise at the race village, or is it only available through the online entry?

  13. Hey Adrian, Cool man 🙂 You guys are going to LOOOOVE the mountain single-track!
    Unfortunately no merchandise for sale at the Race Village, so only online through the entry.
    See you in the Berg!

  14. Hi Warren,

    I have added to the cart the Cycling Jersey and the Bike Wash but I can’t seem to be able to checkout and do the payment.

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