Memoirs of non-rider

It is almost two years that I drove up the D119 for my interview at All Out Adventures. I remember looking at the trails and thinking, wow who made these little paths for people to walk on. My excuse is I was a city boy and have never heard of mountain bike trails, still I was amazed by how beautiful these little paths were. Fast forward to June after I was appointed, Chris took me to explore a new trail in the Langkloof area; oh by then I knew that the little paths were actually Mountain Bike trails. Boy did we walk, he didn’t really prepare me for that. Typical city boy behaviour you might think, in my defence I had not really converted from being a city boy to a country boy yet. Back to the story, I was blown away standing at the top of the mountain looking down at a beautiful valley. I felt proud to be part of a team marking a new trail that people would drive from all over the country to ride on.

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I’m just an ordinary guy – S’bu Hlongwane

I’m just an ordinary guy at a completely unique fully marked 150 km of trails in the Northern Drakensberg. I started riding in 2013 –  Chris introduced me to Mountain Biking which I had never done before. I still remember Chris’s question “Would you like to ride fast?” Yeah sure!  

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Serious riding without being a serious rider

I love mountain biking with a passion, everything about it from the fast flowing downhills to the slow grind up some switchbacks. It really is a happy place, with the exception of riding through the veld when my Dad told me it was glassy smooth but he actually just wanted to recce the new Ride the Berg route. (Which can’t only be on the 150km of trails that are already made but has to have some new exciting bits that are only accessible once a year!) Of course it is all worth it in the end, being a regular Drakensberg Trails rider, it was refreshing to ride the brand new beautifully groomed trail that was created in record time by employing a group of enthusiastic trail builders from the community.

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A Tribute to Ridetheberg 2017

I sat on my bike, surrounded by fellow riders, listening to Chris giving us the run down on the course for the day, but wondering what really lay ahead. This was the start of the 2 day Ride the Berg event and there was now no going back.
Chris emphasised the fact that we were riding in very special surroundings and suggested we all take some time to look around whilst riding and to “drink in” the wonderful atmosphere that we were privileged to be riding in.

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Ridetheberg – The Authentic Mountain Bike Race

Interesting fact: There are 62 mountain ranges in South Africa. But despite its relatively high number of mountain ranges, South Africa has surprisingly few mountain bike races in mountains. Actually, there are just a handful of events that have race routes in mountains. Why? Because they’re hard to build and a bugger to maintain that’s why.

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Doping policy

Ridetheberg is a strong proponent of clean and drug-free sport.

As such, in line with the major MTB races in South Africa, we have adopted the policy that any rider, who is properly charged and convicted by the relevant cycling authorities of cheating by way of doping from 1 January 2016 going forward, will not be permitted to participate in any Ridetheberg events.

In addition, while all sport is by definition competitive, we are taking steps to completely dis-incentivize any form of cheating at Ridetheberg by doing away with participant prize money and re-allocating same to the local communities that are intended to be the primary beneficiaries of the event.

Ridetheberg also takes the position that we live and ride in a country that is governed by democratic principles and rule of law, and as such we are also strong proponents of equality and fairness, and we condemn any and all efforts to introduce an environment of arbitrary, inconsistent and extra-legal enforcement and justice in our sport. We believe that we all strive towards common goals, and welcome concerned riders to engage with the Race Organisers and/or the regulatory authorities further on the subject.

Ridetheberg is about Mountain Biking for the joy of riding and the love of the trails.

New Mountain Bike Stage Race Boost For Northern Drakensberg

RidetheBerg, a new two-day mountain bike stage race, scheduled for 25 and 26 June 2016, is set to establish the Northern Drakensberg as one of the premier mountain biking destinations in South Africa.

Stimulated by the success of the Absa Cape Epic, established in 2004 and the Sani2c, established in 2005, there are now more than 60 multi-day mountain bike events in South Africa each year. The high volume has led to the events market becoming highly competitive, with stage races vying for fresh rider experiences and unique selling points.

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